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A central hub for all of my Stingy thoughts and techniques. Definitely open to new stingy suggestions and money saving ideas !
- Mistr Stinge
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Hey girl, Happy Valentines. Here’s a coffee I made you in the lunch room. I took a sip to make sure it tasted okay, I guess that’s pretty much a kiss right? Anyway if you want another one I’m happy to keep spending the company’s money on you. I’ll be at my desk.

$2.50 fake passports. Always a coin or two saved here. (at Coin Save)

No specials here today. Don’t bother guys. (at Fruit World)

Have you seen my second STINGY VIDEO yet? This one will run Dilmah out of business and put their profits back in your pocket. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wadq45c0Nx8

Stingy Tip #2: Hospitality around the home! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, only fools buy new teabags. Watch this and find true prosperi-tea

Was visiting Aus recently. Despite their extremely high food prices my friend showed me a snazzy joint in Melbourne called “Bimbos” where they do $4 pizzas all Sunday! Purchase some for the road! No bad for snazzy area either. Where else is good? #australia #exchangeratehurts #pizza

That’s not a special. #nodeal #nicetry

Hanging around here until I find someone who’s keen to split the third box with me. Will be here for next 45 min (at Countdown)

Overpriced, destroyed pumpkins for sale on the day after #Halloween. #no #thanks

#halloween #stingytips .. Print off a few dozen of these and quickly run round your neighbourhood sticky taping them to all the letter boxes. Then, once all the children have gone home crying you can peacefully make your way door to door collecting the full candy supplies.