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A central hub for all of my Stingy thoughts and techniques. Definitely open to new stingy suggestions and money saving ideas !
- Mistr Stinge
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Stingy note to self. Do not make any tomato salads this week. #ripoff #NOmato #cannedWillDo no salsa this week.

Anyone manage to sniff out some deals in the latest #inorganics treasure drop? Here are a few pics before acquiring some of my recent treasures. Some would see rubbish fit for the tip, but my magpie eyes spy a perfectly good chopping board, a mattress for the rumpus room, and a harmless armless frog to ward of unwanted birds from my new vege patch. Did anyone do better than me? #outStingeMe #MisterStinge  #CashCow

It’s been raining all week and all the inorganic rubbish collection couches I’ve tried to lift have been full of water! Hopefully @freedom_nz can help me stock my house! #winfreedom #freedomnz #giveaway #pickme

Grab your wheely bin and go fill it with some free petrol! Onewa road z station - tell me I sent ya and that they have to sell it at the advertised price!

Attention travelling tightwads!

I’ve just been sent these two screen shots from my uncle Graham. He booked an SUV on www.misterstinge.com for his upcoming trip to Hawaii. While shopping around THE NEXT BEST PRICE HE COULD FIND WAS ALMOST TWICE WHAT I WAS OFFERING!

No doubt he’s over the moon for choosing to book with me and even mentioned he may have saved enough to buy all his workmates a Hawaiian shirt and a ukulele each as souvenirs!

Another happy rental car customer enjoying the benefits of my stingy bargaining skills! I did the hard work and now @pipperkins gets more money for Krispy kremes. If you’re wanting to book a holiday let me be of penny pinching service to you. #travel #stingy #rentalcar #stayalert #stayalive

Hey girl, Happy Valentines. Here’s a coffee I made you in the lunch room. I took a sip to make sure it tasted okay, I guess that’s pretty much a kiss right? Anyway if you want another one I’m happy to keep spending the company’s money on you. I’ll be at my desk.

$2.50 fake passports. Always a coin or two saved here. (at Coin Save)

No specials here today. Don’t bother guys. (at Fruit World)

Have you seen my second STINGY VIDEO yet? This one will run Dilmah out of business and put their profits back in your pocket. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wadq45c0Nx8